See the movie: 127 Hours

Finally, a movie this year that is absolutely extraordinary. Difficult to watch at one point (I closed my eyes), but the scene is necessary. The way that it’s cut together is quite stunning, the hurried rush of life at the beginning and then the moment a singular body surveys the vast landscape he thinks he’ll conquer. Utah is a place of beauty and danger and Aaron Ralston discovers just how insignificant a life can be, but just how significant his is, and the lives of those who love him are as well. The final moments are extraordinary and James Franco is not to be believed in this role – bravado, terror, joy, pain, remorse, courage, helplessness, will and love are all wrapped into his face and eyes because for most of the film he is nearly immobile. It sort of reminds me of Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient where much of his anguish can be felt, with his face wrapped, lying in a bed.

This movie is for everyone. I’d just close your eyes once so that they can be opened wider.


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