Film: The King’s Speech

It seems that The King’s Speech is winning all of the awards this year and that is fine, except my feeling that 127 Hours is far superior in its craft and acting.

While Colin Firth is terrific, it’s not an earth shattering performance and doesn’t quite carry the film. Geoffrey Rush steals every single scene they’re in, which isn’t quite the same as James Franco carrying the entirety of 127 Hours on his shoulders. But, The King’s Speech is a crowd pleaser and we’ll leave it at that.

One thing that is fascinating to watch in the movie is the cinematography. In watching the movie, if you’re attuned to its unique point of view and character development, you’ll notice the framing that’s employed to tell the story. Odd angles, half-frames and forced perspective choices are brilliantly employed. Not to mention bringing to life the smokey London city of that day. The London fog was a misnomer for heavy pollution and this small detail is enhanced in several brief outdoor scenes. It’s this attention to detail that makes this movie interesting to watch. Otherwise, it doesn’t hold up against other films with a better, and more profound story to tell.

But lets give the Oscar to Mr. Firth, but tuck a tiny one away for Franco who deserves it for his two Best Actor performances this year compared to Mr. Firth’s one, though he was passed over for A Single Man last year for Jeff Bridges’ body of work. I just wish the Oscars voted for the performance of the year rather than for bodies of work or slights.


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