Zion and The Narrows, Miles Deep

Last week, I drove through the Southwest with my dad and sister from Indian Wells, CA to Santa Fe, NM. We drove nearly 2,200 miles in seven days, mostly on the back roads that are far less traveled. On our final day, we woke up early and went to Zion National Park, my favorite park in the system for many reasons. I hadn’t visited there in many years, but remember going on hikes in the park years ago up the Narrows and to Angel’s Landing with friends and a former partner of mine.

The Narrows in Zion are truly special, and is the setting for the finale of my novel, The Narrows, Miles Deep. Standing at the entrance, I was overcome remembering the writing of that book, which concerns the relationship of two men told through the voices of their friends, ex-lovers and parents with a through-line narrative as well. It’s an allegorical novel of the oncoming AIDS epidemic and the devastation it caused to the people affected by the disease. It is also about love, family, Mormonism, the outdoors, spirituality and youth.

This picture is of me standing at the entrance to The Narrows, and remembering the experiences I had there, and the experience of writing the novella. Three stories accompany the novella.

I hope you’ll buy a copy on Amazon Kindle here:



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