Downton Abbey – Masterpiece Theatre

Watching Downton Abbey is like mining for gold nuggets of writing every minute. Each character is so compassionately drawn and acted, you feel as if you’re involved in their real lives. Maggie Smith is a pleasure to watch in every scene as are the people who play the servants. American television suffers in comparison having never really written as compelling a drama from this era without guns, constant violence and the like. I’m sure there is, I just haven’t found it.

I can’t remember the last time I stopped everything to watch, but I stayed up very late last night catching up on season 1 and season 2’s first episode. I suggest you do the same!


2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey – Masterpiece Theatre

  1. Agreed! We watched the incredibly corny and horrifically acted guilty pleasure that is Once Upon a Time followed by the wry, masterful and brilliant Downton Abbey and we marveled at how lame American television is in comparison.

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