528 Downloads – The Narrows, Miles Deep

I took advantage of KDP’s free 5 days of advertising (only used 3 days) and within that time, 528 readers downloaded The Narrows, Miles Deep. Interesting. I’m not sure how they got the word out as I searched far and wide for where they advertised the book. But they must have reached a lot of people to have that kind of response. Did I make a ton of money? No. Did I increase my readership by 500%? Yes! Amazing, really. Hopefully, this will translate over to my other books as they come online. It already has for The Palisades. I just need to figure out how to gain that sort of readership through social media. I’m working several angles as I look to release AIRSTREAMING in the next few weeks. Take a moment to download it for your Kindle, and or buy the paperback. Given that Mormons are much in the news today, it might strike a chord with you.


One thought on “528 Downloads – The Narrows, Miles Deep

  1. It’s an exceptional story that is very much worth reading. The rhythm of the writing, combined with superb visually exciting descriptions and dialogue, packed an emotional punch that brought tears to my eyes.

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