What I Do For a Living

What I do for a living and what I love to do as a writer sometimes merge. Telling stories is what I love to do. And putting that in some sort of design context or video, or written down as a proposal lets me do what I think I do best. Eugene (pictured here) has been with The Westin nearly 50 years, and all of his adult working life. His story of compassion and longevity was a wonder to listen to.

This fall and winter I’ve been working on videos for The Westin, Seattle that has allowed me to work with everyday people, who are Associates there, telling extraordinary stories of their lives, and why they love doing what they do. These videos are being put up one by one as webisodes on The Westin website for the next several months, which is exciting, and a uniquely different way of celebrating the renewal that is taking place at the hotel. I’ve worked with wonderful people in front of, and behind the camera, and have been able to sit and craft the stories into 2-minute arcs that have brought tears to the eyes of many of the people working at The Westin.

That is most satisfying to me.

Take a look here! http://www.westinseattle.com/stories


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