Delivering Tutta Bella Pizza to Airforce One and President Obama

Yesterday was an exciting day and one for the memory book. In a flurry of activity, we delivered over 40 pizzas to President Obama and everyone on Air Force One for their flight back to Washington DC from Seattle. With just over a day to prep, the amazing people of Tutta Bella created an outside kitchen at Boeing’s Paine Field in North Seattle. There, in the driving rain, 45 Neapolitan style pizzas were hand-crafted and baked in a wood-fired Woodstone  pizza oven. We then got to drive three Mini Coopers loaned to us by the Lake City Dealership right up to Air Force One and deliver them to the crew and Secret Service. Unbelievable, and definitely a thrill. My thanks to the crew at Tutta Bella, particularly Joe Fugere, who is a friend and owner of the restaurant. I had great fun.

A special pizza, in President Obama’s honor called the Il Presidente, was created just for the day and is now a featured pizza at all of the restaurants.

I was able to document the lead up and day of the event with my Canon 7D. Take a look at some of the photographs here!


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