Ravelations and The Firebird Suite


Last night was an amazing night. I’ve not experienced symphonic music before except at the opera and a few local events on the level of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. They were unbelievable. So precise, rich, and their playing was incredibly emotional. John was trained in classical music so it was great having a guide. One of his favorite pieces is The Firebird Suite by Stravinsky. And last night, when the final note rang out, the audience leapt to their feet. It was extraordinary. The conductor, Myung-Whun Chung was quite gracious and spoke to the audience after the suite and gave two encores. The audience ate it up and more ovations ensued.

What I responded to however was their first piece of the evening: Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite. John explained that Debussy (which was also played last night) and Ravel were part of the impressionist movement in music. The precision at which the violinists plucked their instruments and played was astonishing. If you get a chance to see these performed, by all means go. I feel I have a lot of music to catch up on.


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