Paul Buchanan: Mid Air

Every once in a while an album comes along that is so beautifully in tune with what has gone on in your life recently, and Paul Buchanan’s Mid Air is that one.

I’ve been waiting for new music from Paul Buchanan and The Blue Nile for nearly 8 years since their last CD, High. I only heard of this impending music two months ago, but so much has happened in those two months, and this music comes at just the right moment.

I’ve been a huge fan of The Blue Nile since I first heard their incredibly sonic and gorgeous sounding CD A Walk Across the Rooftops. The only band in the 80’s who were able to meld electronic music with a sort of emotional resonance and clarity during a very scary decade of music. Over the course of 25 or so years, The Blue Nile has only released four CDs – Hats being their masterpiece.

And now comes Mr. Buchanan’s new solo recording: a 14 song set that melds together – one song after another – into a thing of beauty. During the writing, he lost a great friend, and it is evident in the music’s quiet. Essentially just piano and vocals, with a brush of instrumentation here and there, his voice quavers over the notes, and when you listen to him, especially through some great headphones, it seems like he’s right there with you.

It’s a stunningly moving song cycle. I encourage you to buy it if you love music. Here’s a link to more info about it and some amazing reviews:


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