Take Flight: Life After 50

IMG_2965I saw an old friend for lunch yesterday. She’s young, nearing 30, but I’ve known her most of the time I’ve lived in Seattle through work. She took care of my dog, Tucker, and helped me enormously when my mom was passing away. She is a wonderful person!

She reminded me of when I was turning 50 and what a rough time it was. 2010 was not a good year for me, but I look back on it now and realize the gains I’ve reaped from it. I wrote some of the best stuff I’ve ever written. I changed tacks on my career. I shed people who were bringing me down. It was like I was going through a year long cleanse without the nasty tasting drinks.

It opened me up to new things – like a relationship, new business ventures, new people, and certainly the idea that there is no need to wait to start putting your most personal work out there, which is the reason for this post.

Don’t wait until your 50 to share your best work. If you think it isn’t good enough, it isn’t, but that’s the thing that keeps you producing even better work, and keeps the creative spark lit. Let others follow your journey to your greatest achievements.

So, lunch friend, former students, personal friends and colleagues, don’t wait like I did. It will only fester, cause anger, debilitation and hurt.

Put your work, your creative self out for the world to see. Now. It will change you, I guarantee it. Take flight!



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