Once Again, Shame on Our Senate

memorial182way_wide-fac1c51137f78550cfe70161d1def6fa17d3e6d0-s6-c10I think every Senator who voted NO on background checks should have the experience of being held up at gunpoint and knifepoint like I was many years ago when I was living in Los Angeles. Maybe then they would understand the fear that an experience like that engenders. The kids who held me up were no older than 25, most likely showing their mettle as part of a gang, and most likely I was just one victim in their life of crime. Or maybe the Senators should spend a day walking in the shoes of a parent, sister, brother, loved one or friend who’s lost someone to gun violence. They wouldn’t have to look very far at all.

Those that believe that background checks for every gun purchase – online, at a store or gun show – isn’t necessary is missing the point. You have to show your ID to buy Sudafed, a prescription, to walk into a bar, to use your credit card. There would simply be some traceable record of that gun and it’s connection to the purchaser, and maybe it might save the life of one person, or several lives inside a theatre or school because that person may think for a moment about the repercussions of easily being caught.

For those who believe that we should just enforce the laws we have now, please, show me the ones we are supposed to enforce – like the one where felons are not supposed to have guns? That one? Laughable. They can buy a gun at a gun show. Or steal one of the millions upon millions we have in this country. We are the most violent country in the world – and for good reason. We own the most guns – and guns kill. I’ve read about several accidental deaths lately of fathers losing sons and vice versa. That would not have happened, and that family wouldn’t be going through the trauma and grief they are going through now if there wasn’t a gun in the house.

We have had a shameful Congress for far too long now on a variety of issues. Don’t you think it’s time that we begin to rethink the people who are being elected and vote for those people whose intelligence and compassion outweigh their need to line their pockets?


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