5 Photographs in the Big Little Show at Columbia City Gallery

Fort Ebby BeachThis photograph (Fort Ebey State Beach) and four others will be in the Columbia City Gallery’s “Big Little Show.” A show centered on art that measures less than 12 x 12 inches.

Each of my images measures no more than 8in x 8in. with a frame size of 12in x 12in. All images are printed as shot except for Cactus, which was manipulated in photoshop. 

Here’s why (from my Artist’s Statement): Photography feeds into my writing and writing feeds into photography. I strive for simple, unadorned images and sentences. In fact, none of the images here have been manipulated in any way, except for Cactus, CA. Every once in awhile you have to throw in an effect in writing as in photography to achieve what you need for the whole.

Please stop by between now and the middle of January to see my photography and the work of many other fine artists.


2 Photographs Selected for Exhibition at Columbia City Gallery

Two of my photographs submitted were selected for the juried exhibition at The Columbia City Gallery this fall. They were taken last winter at Seward Park early on a foggy morning. Other images came out of this shoot, but I’m so glad these two were selected.

The one above is called Traffic Cone, Seward Park. The other one selected was Abandoned Docks, Seward Park. I’ll put that one up when the show is announced.

Great Airstreaming Blogs I’m Now Following

In the past couple of months, I’ve been meeting some great people and bloggers in the Airstream blogosphere and wanted to share them out so you can see what a great lifestyle it is. I hope to join them soon! In the meantime, I just drool over their adventures and travel trailers. Many of them have helped me promote my novel, AIRSTREAMING, and I deeply appreciate it!

Glamper – An Airstream Diary – http://glamperanairstreamdiary.com/  Anna Sullivan writes about a compendium of glamorous traveling and locales while taking amazing photographs!

Just Five More Minutes – http://just5moreminutes.onsugar.com/  Monica and her family eating well across the NW and beyond, and relaying great recipes and stories.

TrailerChix.com – http://trailerchix.com/  Women living simply in trailers of all kinds and loving life. Great website for traveling women and men alike.

STREAMINGhttp://www.airstreaming.net/ RG Coleman is well connected in the Airstream community and writes a great blog and maintains an important website in all things ‘streaming. She’s also a great writer!

Riveted – http://www.riveted-blog.com/ Great pictures and advice. Also on FB like most of the others, the information here is invaluable to RV peeps.

Where is Kyle Now? http://whereiskylenow.com/     Truly an inspiration, Kyle works and lives out of his Airstream all over the country and now Canada as a software engineer. You can follow him on Twitter as well for daily updates on where he is: @whereiskylenow

Boxfotos – http://boxfotos.com/  John and I had the pleasure of meeting Matt and Becky in Tampa, Florida. Their Flying Cloud triples as workspace, classroom and photography museum, not to mention a place to sleep. Their photography and artwork is amazing and their collection of art is something to see. Great people as well!

I’ll be adding more to this list as I meet more people.