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Airstreaming and The Palisades are now available on Nook

For all you Barnes and Noble NOOK  owners, and I hope you’re legion, both of my novels, AIRSTREAMING and THE PALISADES are now available on NOOK. I didn’t realize how easy it was to put them up there, but there they are.

The review that started it all for me and the very first one I’ve ever had. Thanks, Matt!

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

” If this hadn’t come up we’d still be together, still working things out as we got used to each other. A year isn’t enough time to learn about someone—even ten years. Or maybe you can never really know whom it is you decide to share your life with. Maybe you just go through it and bend around the obstacles together and hope that one or the other doesn’t veer off into some unforeseen territory. ” [26:273]

What is meant to be will always find its way. The Palisades tells the story of how a family finds its way back to love. Nicholas has grown up with his father, stepmother, and brother Peter in southern California. After college he returns to Big Sur, where he last saw his mother, to claim a part of his life that was locked in the past. He used to think about her…

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This Is Why I Write

From out of the blue, a reader writes to me about AIRSTREAMING.

“Hey there — I read The Palisades and loved it and I think I probably wrote to you at the time. I was very excited to find out you had another book and happily I downloaded it onto my kindle. I think I might have gotten an email about it. In any case, I enjoyed it very much. Loved the characters, the stories and how they were all struggling with different things in their lives. True life… happens. The fact that they merged and intertwined made your story so enjoyable. Love love LOVE the idea of Airstreaming. My partner and I always talk about getting one of those silver bullets and just traveling the country. Freedom!

All the best to you with this book and future ones. I’ll look forward to reading them!”

AG – Pennsylvania

The Palisades receives another 5 star review

As a writer, it’s always amazing to receive great reviews from readers far away that you don’t know, but who take the time to comment on a book on Amazon. So wonderful!

“If you want to read a story well told and extremely well written, this is it. Tom Schabarum opens the family dynamics in this story in a way that draws one in. His ability to give one a beautiful vision of the area and still make you focus on the details of the story are extremely well written. This is a book that digs deep into family conflict, love, disappointment, and compassion. A must read.” Charlene Haugen, MN

Download a copy of The Palisades for yourself here!


We used this Airstream out in the woods to create the book trailer. It’s buried in the snow at this point out by Mt. Rainier. Very cool story on this particular Airstream. It’s a 68 and is being restored into another bedroom for the house.

That’s John’s hand in the video:

The novel is now available on Amazon Kindle and the paperback is coming shortly.