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I always draw inspiration for writing and solitude from the mountains. My work is rife with mountain imagery and water.

Today’s excursion to Twin Falls in the Central Cascades was no different. A glorious day and abundant water made the falls spectacular. Lucky I brought the big camera to take some photos.



Narrows Cover 2.5The Best in LGBTQ Fiction for 2012 on Indie Reviews

Last year it was one of the best for Felice Picano on Lambda Literary’s website, this year it’s on the Indie Reviewer’s website for Best LGBTQ fiction. I’m very proud and thank both readers and editors.


We used this Airstream out in the woods to create the book trailer. It’s buried in the snow at this point out by Mt. Rainier. Very cool story on this particular Airstream. It’s a 68 and is being restored into another bedroom for the house.

That’s John’s hand in the video:

The novel is now available on Amazon Kindle and the paperback is coming shortly.

528 Downloads – The Narrows, Miles Deep

I took advantage of KDP’s free 5 days of advertising (only used 3 days) and within that time, 528 readers downloaded The Narrows, Miles Deep. Interesting. I’m not sure how they got the word out as I searched far and wide for where they advertised the book. But they must have reached a lot of people to have that kind of response. Did I make a ton of money? No. Did I increase my readership by 500%? Yes! Amazing, really. Hopefully, this will translate over to my other books as they come online. It already has for The Palisades. I just need to figure out how to gain that sort of readership through social media. I’m working several angles as I look to release AIRSTREAMING in the next few weeks. Take a moment to download it for your Kindle, and or buy the paperback. Given that Mormons are much in the news today, it might strike a chord with you.


Ten years ago this month, I graduated from Bennington College with an MFA in creative writing and literature. My thesis, which contained the first third of AIRSTREAMING, was submitted, along with a short story, MY KID IN FOOTLIGHTS, which my thesis instructor, the writer, Elizabeth Cox, had asked for. Prior to graduation, Ms. Cox sent a congratulatory letter, which complemented the quality of AIRSTREAMING. I was very excited. Now, ten years later, I’m about to put AIRSTREAMING out into the world.

Why ten years?  Work. Life. Challenges. All of these got in my way of finishing the book. But it has been an extraordinary journey, and quite possibly, I couldn’t have finished AIRSTREAMING the way I wanted it to be without those ten years of experience. In the fall of 2010, after years of starts and stops on the manuscript, I took three months to finish it, and then I put it away before going back to it for a final polish. In the meantime, I’d met my editor, Amberly Finarelli, who went through AIRSTREAMING with a critical eye. Another few months of rewriting ensued.

Now, it’s time for the work to be seen. Four strong characters, an Airstream trailer, and Kansas City combine to take the reader on a journey that is uniquely American. With themes of loss, love, redemption and self-identity, AIRSTREAMING is a touching story for everyone.

AIRSTREAMING is coming in February.

Writing from the Well of Emotion – An Interview at Lambda Literary

Matt Yau has an excellent literary blog called “A Guy’s Moleskin Notebook” in which he reviews and writes about all things books – a whole lot of books. It’s astonishing how many books he reads. In the spring he did an interview with me in support of “The Palisades,” which he’d reviewed during the summer. It has finally been published on Lambda Literary’s website. The interview is called “Writing from the Well of Emotion.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt at my reading in San Francisco this spring where he introduced me. Take a look at his blog and see if you can match the velocity of his reading, or at the very least, read the excellence of his critiques.