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I always draw inspiration for writing and solitude from the mountains. My work is rife with mountain imagery and water.

Today’s excursion to Twin Falls in the Central Cascades was no different. A glorious day and abundant water made the falls spectacular. Lucky I brought the big camera to take some photos.


Columbia City Gallery Show

Of the three photographs submitted for the Columbia City Gallery Exhibition, here’s the photograph that didn’t get into the show: The Pier, Seward Park.

44 pieces from many artists were selected from over 450 submissions.


I had the pleasure of photographing Charlotte over the course of a couple of days. I’ve not been lucky enough to have my own children, but I do enjoy being with them enormously. They are really soulful creatures – full of their own complexities – and what goes on in their little noggins is a wonder to behold. We worked hard to shape and cajole Charlotte to smile and pose for the camera, but some of the shots I ended up liking the best was when I told her to just do what she wanted – and she did. I just snapped away as she wondered about the tree above her – or the sky, or the ocean, or just about everything. What a pleasure it is to witness innocence. It’s such a fleeting time of life.

Thanks Judy and Todd for letting me spend some time with her!